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What it means to BUILD & SCALE Online Courses

Our comprehensive technology-based solutions take online courses and elearning to the next level. As a done-for-you service we offer the flexibility to accommodate your requirements whether it is to develop content that is instructionally sound, offer an automated, branded online course experience or to scale your existing course with powerful marketing machinery, we’ve got you covered. Our powerful solution includes a robust, enterprise-grade platform, content development, a proven learning methodology, modular course management tools and advanced assessment applications.
Sectors We Serve

Sectors We Serve

Meet Our Clients

Physicians, Therapists and Medical Professionals

Physicians and medical professionals rely on our state of the art systems to create learning solutions in order to create pre-client learning engagements and hybrid programs to teach other medical professionals to scale their practices.

Associations and Memberships

We develop easy-to-use membership portals that associations and businesses can use to create ongoing, recurring, passive revenue with a hands-off solution that allows members to access evergreen content. We update the content for our clients so they can focus on serving their members in other key ways.

Small and Corporate Business Entities

Whether you want to strengthen your current training program or launch a new initiative on the fly, our team will help you move quickly and easily to achieve your goal. We offer a robust solution to simplify the delivery, administration and assessment of your training program. We can also track certification dates and expirations to ensure workforce compliance with health, safety and other regulatory requirements. We are able to assist with turning instructor-led programs into asynchronous, self-paced courses and vice versa.

Coaches, Authors, and Content Developers

Our workbook creation service provides new opportunities for authors, speakers, and content developers to serve their customers, capture more revenue and achieve higher margins. Our flexible course key system can boost new book sales, stage sales and digital product sales through higher perceived value, while integrating ancillary products more tightly into your instructional package. The centralization of all content into a single site also ensures student use of the system – another plus for entrepreneurs
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Certifications & Continuing Education

Our easy-to-use learning solution helps continuing education providers serve learners of all ages and levels. Along with simplifying registration, course management, assessment and payment, we can provide content development services, including highly engaging interactive digital applications. Now, you can break free from a one-size fits all learning management mentality and get the customized solution that’s ideal for your organization.
Kim Coles - KTCB

Public Figures and Celebrities

Public figures and celebrities trust the KTCB team to create branded, high level experiences for their audiences that they can leverage or their brands. If you are creating an educational arm of your business to supplement your creative, artistic, musical, or film making revenue streams, KTCB is your behind-the-scenes team to make it happen quickly and easily.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is ever changing and KTCB is on the front lines of providing state of the art training portals and course content design or the oil and gas industry in primarily African countries. We provide on site and virtual train the trainer services and Learning Management Design for some of the largest oil and gas sectors in the world. We have a diverse team of instructional designers that have the cultural acumen and understanding to provide course development support to a variety of overseas employees.

Crypto Currency and Financial Tech

The crypto currency and financial technology sectors are booming and now more than ever the market is demanding to learn about how they can take advantage of this industry. Crypto currency industry giants trust the KTCB team to encapsulate complicated terms and technology into easy to understand information that the lay person can easily understand and implement. If you are a crypto coach ready to add an education arm to your financial tech or crypto business, let our team use the most highly efficient technology to create a simple system for your audience to learn from you.

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