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Get started on a stress-free journey to digital education with our Online Course Creation Services. We offer a comprehensive 'done for you' approach, handling every aspect of course tech and instructional design. Transform your expertise into a captivating online course without lifting a finger. Ready to see your content come alive in the digital realm? Book a call with us and let us take care of the rest.

Why Our Course Creation Services Are Just Better

  • We Do The Tech For You: Dive into the world of online education without any tech worries. Our Course Creation Services include end-to-end technical support, ensuring your course is built on a solid, user-friendly platform. From the initial setup to the final launch, we handle all the technical details, making it easy for you to launch an online course.
  • Instructional Design Expertise: Our team of instructional designers is at the heart of our service. We don’t just create online courses; we craft learning experiences. With our expertise, your vast experience is transformed into structured, engaging courses tailored for self-paced learning. Whether you’re exploring how to create an online course to sell or how to make an online course that stands out, our ‘done for you’ service covers it all. 
  • Full-Service Course Creation: As a leading course creation agency, we offer a holistic approach to online course development. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your journey to launch online course is without the worry of whether it looks ready for the price tag you’ll put on the course. We specialize in turning your ideas and content into fully realized online courses, ready for the world to see. Don’t get caught in this highly competitive space with a course that doesn’t teach and can’t sell. 

Turn Your Vision into Reality with Ease

With our Online Course Creation Services, you’re not just getting a course; you’re getting a fully-fledged digital learning platform that is ready to take payments. 

Don’t just dream about creating an online course—let us bring it to life for you. Book a call with us and step into the world of online education with confidence, knowing your course is in expert hands.

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Let us help you build not ONLY your course, but also a business around it. No one ACTUALLY shows you how to build a course business model (and they won’t). Book a call now with our team to see how our Done-For-You services will get you up and running in 90 days.

We’ve launched almost 17,000 courses since 2015, in 5 countries, on 3 continents.

My team and I have a thorough understanding of business, marketing, and how a properly-designed course can be a valuable, revenue-generating tool. In fact last year, we helped our clients to earn over $18.6 million in additional income through courses.

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Unlike most business-growth courses and masterminds, profiting from your high-ticket offer isn’t the end-goal of this service. It’s the FIRST goal. We want to help you scale your business in the first 90-days so the rest of the year is pure profit. That is why we don’t firehose you with how to put all the pieces together. WE DO IT FOR YOU!

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This team is responsible for building over 16,000+ courses and course funnel systems and building The Kat The Coursebuilder brand into a 7- figure course business agency.

With combined expertise in content development, marketing, tech and automation, and offer development… they’ve helped clients in 101+ industries generate over $12 million in revenue.

What difference would it make if this team was in your back-pocket to help you virtually 24/7… for a full 12 months?

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