You are unlimited in your ability to execute on your dreams and your business. It’s time to stop hoping and start executing. Let’s get to work!

Profitable Courses
with Kat the Coursebuilder™

The purpose of this group is to teach one million coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs to teach to millions instead of chasing one client at a time. This will allow you to experience the financial and lifestyle goals that allow you to live your life to the fullest!

Kat provides daily strategic content, training, webinars, and tips to provide clarity on how you will make at least $10,000 per month without sacrificing your lifestyle or model.

This invite only mentorship program is for those who want a more hands-on approach and to work directly with Kat to build their six or seven figure business. If you’re ready to join the ranks of those who Kat has mentored and built their own six figure own empires, click LEARN MORE.

This is where those who are ready to get the work done and come to execute. The executor studio includes monthly game plan for marketing strategies quick course building tactics and conversion insider system.

Join Kat’s free community which includes thousand of other coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs who are ready to teach what they know to the masses instead on chasing one client at a time.

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Kat helped me implement my ideas in a structured way that would be understandable to other people and the best part about it, in a way that I will be able to monetize from it…

Brandy James Lucas, Mane Maintenance Salon

Working with Kat has been absolutely amazing. I now have a clear direction for teaching women all around the globe how to be Blissed Out, Fit & Feisty. She is brilliant!

Gina Vincent, Blissed Out, Fit & Feisty

My total came up to $19,450. This has been when I started Kat’s program. And I have been able to bring a steady consistent since then.

Theresa Pugh, Nurse Tee

After just 30 days in Kat’s program I launched a course that made $13,000 in just 13 days. Kat is the real deal!

Shaye Cunningham, Slay by Shaye

Katherine Dunn is an amazing professional..she is flexible, she is well versed in her field.

Valorie Carter Lawson, Broadcasting Journalist